First contact

First contact with the lotus flower spikes may prove difficult for certain users. Keep in mind that you are looking to achieve deep relaxation in order to take advantage of the full therapeutic power of the mat.

  • In the beginning, in order to gradually get used to the mat, we recommend that you wear a T-shirt or that you put a light piece of fabric between the mat and your skin.
  • Your body will gradually accept the stimulation, and you will be able to relax.
  • Lie on the mat or put the body parts on which you want to work on the mat.
  • Getting used to lying directly on the mat will maximize the efficiency of the Pranamat Eco.
  • As nervous stimulation tends to occur rapidly with the endorphin release, your mat sessions will become pleasant moments of relaxation and deep relief.


To feel a significant improvement, the recommended frequency of use is at least once a day (at the most suitable time).

Diversified applications

Can treat all kinds of body conditions. Its flexibility allows for application on various parts of the body.

Effortless. Medication-free.



The authentic acupressure mat designed to eliminate your pain, your stress, and your fatigue.

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