Frequently Asked Questions

This is the only therapeutic acupressure mat in the world with such high quality. It is made using only 100% natural materials that are nature and human-friendly. There are no chemicals and no artificial coloring. All of the materials are non-allergenic and have certification. The research and development stage was long, so as to create a quality product that would be both efficient and elegant.
According to various tests and medical research, all known fake acupressure and therapeutic mats don’t offer the same spike sharpness and density. Their medical effect is thus affected and that is why we do not recommend them.
The Pranamat Eco is entirely made of high-quality organic and eco-friendly raw materials, and its chemical-free biodesign make it a product of superior quality. Moreover, the clinical tests add to the cost of the product, which makes it more expensive than other mats which do not offer the same guarantee in terms of natural composition, ecodesign, and clinical recognition.

Almost all therapeutic acupressure mats sold for CD$100 are made using materials and technologies that are hazardous to skin, blood, and health in general. The spikes of these mats are usually made of a plastic that is toxic and harmful for health Such plastic contains heavy metals and AZO colourants which may be oncogenic and cause allergy.

A lot of modern industrial paints usually contains AZO compounds. The name “azo” comes from azote, the French name for nitrogen, that is derived from the Greek “a” (not) + “zoe” (to live).

You can use Pranamat Eco 4 to 5 days a week or, in case of persisting pain or to care for a particular problem, 21 days straight, followed by a 1 week rest. This cycle can be followed by a more moderate usage of 2 to 4 times weekly.
The most common position is to lie on your back on the Pranamat Eco™. The nerves branch out from the back to the rest of the body, which means that a back treatment affects the whole body. However, the mat can be used on specific areas of the body, feet and hands for instance, for an energizing treatment of these specific parts.
The Pranamat Eco™ is considered a personal health device, and therefore it is not advisable to share it with others without first sterilizing it with a light alcohol, tea tree or other natural antibacterial spray or wipe. It is possible for germs or bacteria to be transferred just like with sharing your toothbrush.
We do not recommend using the Pranamat Eco™ for babies. We suggest to wait until the child is 10 years old.
We DO NOT recommend that you use the Pranamat Eco™ during pregnancy, as the stimulation of some acupressure points can induce labour. Consult your acupuncturist.
Yes, since the Pranamat Eco is very relaxing. Many people fall asleep while using it. It is possible to exceed the suggested 1 hour period recommended for the use of the mat. However, we do not recommend you spend the whole night on it.
There have been no reports of the spikes puncturing the skin. Some people with sensitive skin find they need to place a thin cloth over the mat at first.
It is made in Riga, Latvia, in the European Union.
Unzip and remove inner stuffing and its cotton cover. Hand wash only with a mild detergent and hang to dry. Do not place into washing machine or dryer as this may damage the plastic lotuses.
Since the mat stimulates blood circulation, it will cause the skin to flush and leave a “prickly” pattern on the skin exposed to the mat for a short period after usage.
Certain users find it particularly useful during long car trips or even plain trips. However to get the most benefit Pranamat Eco™ should be used with no clothes on. We hope you don’t drive naked.

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