AXIS MODAL seeks to promote a variety of therapeutic services in accordance with its mission’s orientations.


AXIS MODAL seeks to encourage a self-responsible approach to health through simple, efficient, sustainable, and affordable alternatives to traditional medicine.

Lucie Denis, founder

Lucie Denis founded AXIS MODAL out of the desire to create a space for action which would support her will to network with her peers, as well as accompany and support human change through physical means. The company developed on the basis of skills acquired by the founder over a long career in communications, and on the basis of her belief in a responsible, autonomous stance of the individual with respect to his or her health. The company dedicates itself to finding solutions in accordance with its mission.

AXIS MODAL is the official North American distributor of the PRANAMAT ECO* mat, a product which derives its efficiency from the principles of acupuncture.

*The mat in question is the first acupressure mat approved as a medical device by the FDA in the United States.

History of Advaita

AXIS MODAL is proud to be associated with the quality name Advaita, maker of the PRANAMAT-ECO acupressure mat in the European Union.

Advaita is a manufacturer dedicated to the development of health and well-being products. The PRANAMAT-ECO mat is the result of a long reflexion and numerous tests aimed at offering a refined design with optimal efficiency, good durability, and a small ecological footprint.


The content of this site is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. The manufacturer strongly suggests that you consult your doctor first for the pathology, condition, or disease that you wish to treat with the PRANAMAT-ECO.